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My thesis about THE PORTAL OVER CERN

Regarding the portal over CERN (our scientists long ago are able to journey in time and space and know what they do, and their knowledge are donated from higher civilizations and not experimenting blindly)

NEW HUGE Phenomenon observed over Geneva - CERN Area Sept 28, 2015 !

CERN's Large Hadron Collider

Graphic of the camera collision inside the collider.

My personal thesis:

-Very Strong and stable magnetic field can structure matter, but mostly the energies and provide a "docked" in general structures of the energy fields and their geometry, providing much needed intersections between them, for opening of such portals.
Each dimension has a specific vibrational structure in the form of fractals arose from the primordial source and constructive enlarges and as quanta, they jump from one place to another, and these fractals pulsating move in sync in the space time. Each stabilized intersection can be used to jump to the next and how bigger geometry you use, the farther you can go, and according to the shape and the dimensions - Sacred Geometry!
Because the time and the entropy (disorder-which is inherent in the matter) directly depend on gravity where, strongest she is, slowest they flowing, which in turn makes the time so pronounced in our as low a level of all dimensions.
In the higher dimensions, the pulsations and the movement of the Sacred Geometry are becoming fasters and the figures more complex and the intersections more and more, common with that disappearing the time, "even the space" (it does not disappear but it is so easily surmountable at any time that the feeling is, everywhere and now.
The entropy (the disorder) in turn loses more and more presence due to lack of matter and the inexorable dynamics of the energy,the superintelligence and the order. It is impossible for the matter to exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies, due to the enormous potential of entropy there, so there life forms are increasingly disembodied, passing over plasma, light, ethereal, etc.

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