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My meeting with a pleiadian woman...

"I think that I may have met a Pleiadian! I was 
standing reaching into my pocket pass a wad of 
bills to retrieve the change that was there. I was 
purchasing a carton of smokes and a couple of 
sodas at a gas station store. I wasn’t really taking 
a long time to pay but someone from behind me 
tapped me on the shoulder and said in a soft 
musical voice, “Here I’ve got it!” I turned to say 
that’s alright but when I looked into her eyes I felt 
myself become speechless! She was about six foot 
seven or more tall! She had short almost silver 
white hair which was her real color since her eye 
brows and even eyelashes were the same shade of 
near silver too! She was lean but not sickly thin 
and wore a white blouse, white pants, and 
matching white shoes. Her complexion was near 
porcelain colored and her cheeks lacked a rose 
colored shine but the sparkle in her large eyes 
made up for it many times over. She extended 
her arm toward me and dropped three quarters 
into my open hand. I clumsily became aware that 
I was staring and smiled back at her as she drew 
her hand back in a fluid motion! I turned back to 
the counter, paid, collected my stuff and started 
for the door. I turned back to get another look at 
her and thought wow she was tall! At that moment 
I realized that I was very attracted to her, but not 
in a physical manner more like a moth attracted 
to a bright light! I wanted to talk to her but I really 
didn’t know how to initiate a conversation besides 
my then wife was sitting in the car impatiently 
waiting for me to return. We had been shopping 
most of the day and she was in no mood to see me 
talking to a pretty girl. When I got to the car I 
realized that I hadn’t even said thanks to her! I got 
in and lit a smoke. I was doing up my seatbelt when 
I looked toward the car parked beside me. I was dumb founded again. There sitting in the driver’s seat was 
what looked to be the girl’s identical twin sister. 
She had the same white hair, same white clothes 
and from what I could see at a glance the same facial features and hair length! It was dark out and I started stalling so as to wait for her to return to what now 
I was sure was her car! I could see her coming in my 
mirrors but my wife was starting to get even more 
irritated and insisted that we leave! The girl got into 
the car that was parked beside me and when she 
closed the door turned and beamed me 
a big warm smile! I nervously smiled back, 
put my car in drive and then started to drive away. 
In my rearview mirror I could see them both turning 
around to watch us leave! I was close enough to see 
that they were now both smiling! That’s something 
you don’t see, well ever actually, I though as I pulled 
on to the road! Two beautiful, nearly seven foot, 
platinum blonds! Had to be twins I concluded and 
they were dressed exactly the same! I wish I had remembered to say thank you!"

                                                                          By Rick Ethier

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