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Men in black

 I was hitchhiking on Broadway in Vancouver 
towards the direction of U.B.C. The month was 
July and the year was 1970. The time was about 
five o’clock, and it was drizzling rain as was the 
usual for Vancouver.

I was trying to get home on
time for dinner, as the house parents insisted 
that I start being on time, if I intended to get 
something to eat.A black shinny four-door car 
pulled over and a large man wearing a black suit, 
black tie, black hat, and dark sun glasses stepped 
out of the rear door and held it open for me while 
looking down into the car. I was glad to get a ride 
so I proceeded toward the open door. Upon 
entering, I took notice that there was another 
fellow just like the one holding the door for me,
sitting against the opposite door dressed identical,
black suit, hat, and glasses staring straight ahead.

I felt a little hesitant and I almost backed out. 
I probably would have, were it not for the first 
fellow gently but determinedly pushing me in. 
I did not resist and the back door closed.
I was now sitting between these 
two large, what seemed to be identical men. 



The car pulled away and I while trying to hide my nervousness blurted out, “I’m just going down 
the road a ways.” There was no reply. It was then 
I noticed there were two more men indistinguishable 
from the two I was sitting between, seated up front.
I felt tiny sitting between these two men, a ping-ball between two basketballs. I looked to the left then 
the right keeping my head down. I have always been 
a bit of a neat nick which is probably why I noticed 
that there was not the slightest piece of lint on 
their pants, like they had put them on new just 
ten minutes earlier. I had some experience with 
hitchhiking and knew I should get a feel for 
safety of the situation 
by engaging them in conversation. “Hey wow,” 
I exclaimed, “are you guys in a band or something, 
you know because of the clothes?” I smiled and 
looked up expecting a response but there 
was only silence.

 I could feel my heart steadily increasing its 
beats and wondered if they could hear the pounding 
in my chest. I lowered my head slowly taking note of 
the back door handles. I realized I would not be able 
to jump over these big men and open the door 
before they could stop me. I looked up again toward 
the front and then to the sidewalk. I was trembling and 
was finding it increasingly difficult to hide my nervous state. My mouth was dry as I discovered when I 
said, “Ok I’ll get out here!” There was no response, 
they all just faced foreword in frightening silence. 
I was nearly in a panic and looked at the door 
handle again. I thought that maybe I should have 
waited awhile before saying that since we had 
only traveled about eight blocks. I tried to calm 
myself and waited 
for another few blocks before trying again. “I’ll 
get out here, that will be good,” I stated with a 
more insistent tone this time. There was still 
no response, which now completely terrified me.
I wondered if people on the street 
would be able to hear me scream for help. I do 
not know if they could hear the pounding of my 
heart but I sure could! All of a sudden, about 
block and a half later the car jerked over to 
the right and pulled to a stop at the curb. The 
one on my right opened the door stepped out 
and held the door for me while I got out. 
I quickly slid over and out to the sidewalk 
with great haste. I stood there for a few minutes 
observing the car abruptly leave and slowly 
disappear up the road. I was extremely relieved 
but still felt in jeopardy. I decided to take around 
about way to get home to make sure they would 
not be able to follow me. I arrived about nine 
o’clock, to my surprise! I knew I would miss dinner 
but was shocked to find out that it was so much 
later than I had thought, just making it in before 
nine-thirty curfew. It was a long time before 
I hitched a ride again. I wish that I could describe 
their faces but either I did not look or just do not remember, which would be a little odd since 
I have always been observant and had a better than 
average memory. I also could not say what they 
sounded like since they did not speak a word. 
It was not until the nineties that I heard about the, 
“men in black,” which really astonished me, due 
to the exact description. I have never seen these 
men ever again, nor would I care to!

                                                                            By Rick Ethier

The publication used footage from the documentary series
                      UFO Documentary _ Unsealed Alien Files - Men in Black

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